Teaching Features

  1. Comprehensive range of nursing programs:
    The school offers nursing programs at three levels of  baccalaureate, master and doctorate
  2. Multiple learning resources:
    The school is equipped with featured classrooms or lab such as fundamental skill lab, simulation lab, nutrition lab and traditional Chinese nursing lab. Students also learn skills from clinical skill lab at the KMU Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital.
  3. Diverse teaching methods:
    Diverse teaching methods are used to promote problem solving, teamwork, and critical thinking such as objective structured clinical examination (OSCE), problem-based learning (PBL), concept mapping and E-learning.
  4. Active in international scholarly exchanges:
    The school has established academic ties with sister schools and allies from America, Hong Kong, Indonesia Japan, and Thailand. Exchange programs and visiting activities are offer in three academic programs. Speeches or lectures of well-known international scholars are hold frequently.
  5. Seamless integration of theory and clinical practice:
    Teachers teach not only in the classroom but also in clinical sites. Curriculum can integrate theory and practice that bridges the gap.
  6. Joint appointments between hospital and university:
    Faculty members of SON and nursing managers or supervisor in KMUH have joint appointments. Teaching and research activities are collaborated.
  7. Course modules feature social needs:
    The school offers course modules including traditional Chinese nursing and long-term care in aging that feature societal needs and enhance students’ competence.
  8. Prepare students for employment:
    The school offers elective courses and informal activities relevant to employment and career planning   before students’ graduation. Online exam and off- school tutorial sessions are offered for students to prepare for the national board examination.
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