Historical Timeline

The current School of Nursing began in 1968 with a 3-year Associate Program in Nursing, followed by the creation of the School of Nursing in 1975. Our Master's Program in Nursing began in 1991, and the College itself was formed in 1999. Our Doctoral Program in Nursing was established in 2001. From 2007, we began integrating both the Master's Program and Doctoral Program in Nursing into the School of Nursing.

A glimpse of the course of the School's development is as follows.

  • 08/1968 3-year Associate Program
  • 08/1975 School of Nursing (4 years)
  • 08/1990 Post-RN Baccalaureate Program (3 years)
  • 08/1991 Master's Program in Nursing
  • 08/1993 Night School of Nursing, B.S. Program (5 years)
  • 08/1994 Night School of Nursing, B.S. Program (3 years)
  • 08/1997 Transforming the Night School of 5-year BS Program to 3-year Post-RN BS Program
  • 01/2000 Promoting the School of Nursing to College of Nursing
  • 08/2001 Doctoral Program in Nursing
  • 08/2005 Closing Down the 3-year Post-RN BS Program
  • 08/2007 Integrating Both Master's and Doctoral Programs into the School of Nursing
  • 08/2014 Master Program in Nursing for international students
  • 08/2017 Doctoral Program in Nursing for international students

Facts & Statistics Updated September 2019

  1. The School of Nursing currently has 30 faculty members, with 8professors, 6 associate professors, 14 assistant professors and 2 lecturers.
  2. There are 280 undergraduate students enrolled. 5075 alumni have received their degrees from the Undergraduate Program of Nursing.
  3. There are 82 students (including 5 international students) enrolled in the Master's Program in Nursing. 481 students have graduated. There are 57 students (including 8 international students) enrolled in the Doctoral Program in Nursing. 72 students have graduated.


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