Dean of College of Nursing

Bih-O Lee  Professor  Longitudinal study,trama research,interdisciplinary research,gualitative research,nurse education research  2625

Chair of School of Nursing

 Li-Min Wu Associate 
Pediatric Nursing; Childhood Cancer Nursing; Instrument Development; Caring Education 2814

Director of Doctoral Program

Bih-O Lee  Professor Longitudinal study,trama research,interdisciplinary research,gualitative research,nurse education research 2625

Director of Master's Program

 Shu-Yuan Lin  Associate Professor

Urinary incontinence; Rehabilitation Nursing; Care for the Elder 


Director of Teaching Division

 Pi-Ling Chou Associate 
Cancer Pain Management; Cancer Symptoms and Palliative Care 2610

Director of Research Development & Global Affairs Division

Pei-Chao Lin

Assistant Professor

Pain management in Dementia, Long-term care, Meta-analysis, Adult health


Director of General Affairs Division

Li-Yu Yang Assistant Professor Medical & Surgical Nursing; Nursing Interventions for Hemodialysis Patients; Symptom Management; Patient Education 2613

School of Nursing: Full-time Faculty

Hsiu-Hung Wang


Healthcare for Elder; Long-term Care; Healthcare for Women; Health-promotion and Self-care Behavior; Nursing Administration and Management


Ruey-Hsia Wang Professor Diabetes care(type1 and type2),scale development,structural equation modeling 2641

 Fan-Hao Chou Professor Maternity NursingNursing EducationWomen’s HealthGender’s IssuesTraditional Chinese Medicine Nursing 2602

Chich-Hsiu Hung


Women's Perinatal Health Issues; Postpartum Stress; Concept Analysis; Instrument Development; Gestational Diabetes Mellitus


Min-Tao Hsu


Psychiatric Nursing; Women Health; Family Transition and Coping; Death and Dying; Cultural Study; Interpretive Ethnographic


Kuei-Min Chen


Health Promotion for the Aged; Exercise for the Aged; Complementary Alternative Therapies; Gerontological Nursing; Long-term Care


Chiu-Chu Lin


Renal Care; Nursing Education


Hsin-Tien Hsu

Associate Professor

Oncology Nursing; Cancer Nursing; Adolescence Care


Yi Liu Associate Professor Nursing administration, Adult Health, Internet Research, Mixed-method Research 2617

Lih-Mih Chen

Assistant Professor

Health Care of Cancer Patient and Terminal Illness; Cancer Pain Management; Traditional Chinese Medicine Nursing


Wei-Ting Lin

Assistant Professor

Nursing Administration; Pediatric Care


Hui-Chen Tseng

Assistant Professor

Women Health; Fistula Care; Women Incontinence Care; Stress Research ; Cancer Nursing; Problem-based learning


Yao-Mei Chen

Assistant Professor

Gerontological Nursing; Neurological Nursing; Nursing Administration and Management; Work Environment and Work Stress; Continuum of Care and Case Management; Latent Construct Analysis and Structural Equation Modeling; Multilevel Modeling


Ching-Hsueh Yeh

Assistant Professor

Maternal Nursing; Paternal-fetal attachment; Breast-feeding; Music therapy in obstetric clinical settings


Yi-Ching Su

Assistant Professor

Psychiatry & Mental Health Issue; Nursing Student Career Counseling; Women Health Issue


Ching-Yun Yu

Assistant Professor

Mental Health; Psychiatric Care; Nursing Education


Pei-Chao Lin

Assistant Professor   Dementia care; Diabetes Care, Genetic Care 2609
 Hsiu-Fen Hsieh Assistant Professor   Women's Health; Psychiatric Nursing; Domestic     Violence 2626
  Wen-Li Hou Assistant Professor  Domestic violence,Dating violence,Psychiatric &  Mental Health Nursing,Women’s Health  2603

Ying-Hua Tseng Assistant Professor Obstetric & Gynecologic Nursing, Adolescent sexual health, Qualitative research, Women health, Nursing education 2603

Chia-Ju Lin Assistant Professor  Women Health; Culture &  Health; Immigration Health Issue;Quality Research 2633
Hsun-Kuei Ko Assistant Professor Oncology Care; Medical & Surgical Care; Humane Ethics 2613

Shu-Yuan Jian


Nursing for The Elder; Community Health; Internal Medicine and Surgical Care; Physical Examination and Evaluation


Shu-Li Lee


Pediatric Nursing


 School of Nursing: Adjunct Faculty

Mei-Sang Yang


Aboriginal Women Health; Nursing Research; Psychiatric Care; Epidemiology; Nursing Research


Chi-Chun Chin

Associate Professor

Pain Management; Oncology Nursing; Pediatric Nursing; Stress, Massage or Physiological Research


Chii-Jun Chiou

Associate Professor

Family Care; Care for the Aged; Health Promotion


Jih-Yuan Chen Associate Professor   Pediatric Care; Drawings; Pain; Chronic Disease   Care; Group Support; Stress Management;      Family Function and Restoration; Data Collection   and Organization; Education Psychology 2628
Yu-O Yang Associate Professor Maternity Nursing; Women's Health; Qualitative Research Method; Phenomenological Study; Gender Phenomenology  2628

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